Brenda Smith Leadership Award

“People want to know how much you care before they care how much you know”. James F Hind

History of the Award: Brenda Smith was a

leader in our community. With the help of a core group, Brenda formed the structure for an End-Of-Life Network, and eventually the NSMHPC Network became an incorporated organization, allowing for growth and sustainability.

Brenda demonstrated keen insight and extraordinary vision in planning for the future of hospice palliative care in our area, working tirelessly to promote excellent care for all clients, and the highest standard of palliative care education for all health care providers in this region. She could not only see what was possible in the short term, but what was needed in the future.

Brenda recognized and nurtured other people’s talents, sharing her knowledge, experience, wisdom and endless reserves of compassion. She encouraged and boosted the morale of each palliative care provider by supporting their efforts, listening to their challenges and not just advocating for, but actually facilitating change. She inspired and motivated countless health care professionals to strive for excellence in the delivery of palliative care, and commit themselves to ongoing professional growth and development. Her dedication was contagious, and she was respected by all who knew her.

Brenda’s life was shortened by cancer and she died in June of 2008. We are honoured to present the Brenda Smith Leadership Award to recognize all that she did to advance palliative care in our region. The ripple effect of such great leadership and vision is what continues to build capacity and enhance quality today.

Eligibility: The Brenda Smith Award is given to an exemplary palliative care provider working or volunteering with individuals and families in the North Simcoe Muskoka region. Members of the team, in any care sector, are eligible for nomination.

Characteristics: The Award honours Brenda’s passion, commitment and contributions to advancing palliative care in our region. The nominee should be someone who has displayed leadership and determination, with a personal warmth and strength of character so well demonstrated by Brenda. Key characteristics might include:

    • A mentor, a teacher, a listener, a leader
    • Passion for palliative care
    • Intuition and vision
    • Personal warmth, strength of character
    • Courageous, determined, tenacious
    • Ability to unite people to a common goal or outcome
    • Ability to recruit the right people
    • Sees potential in people and nourishes that
    • Displays an understanding of all modalities associated with illness and bereavement
    • Displays patient-centered care

Selection Process: The award committee will review all nominations, and the decision will be based upon the information provided within the nomination form. Subject to nominations received, this award is presented annually at our Regional Conference. Nominees will be notified prior to the annual conference.

2020 Brenda Smith Leadership Award Presentation

Honoured Award Recipients

2020 – Debbie Kesheshian and Lisa Taylor

2019 – Kelly Hubbard

2018 – Rosamond Abbott

2017 – Kim Lattimore

2016 – Terri Yandt, RN

2015 – Sandra Winspear

2014 – Carol Galbraith & Sylvia Styling

2013 – Norma Connolly, RN

2012 – Maureen Johnstone, RN

2011 – Mona Desroches, RN