Advance Care Planning (ACP) is an ongoing conversation that is for every Canadian to plan for future incidences where they may not be capable of health care decisions, and to provide that information to their Substitute Decision Maker (SDM). ACP is a two-step process to be completed when you are healthy. It includes:

    • Confirming your Substitute Decision Maker, and
    • Discussing your wishes, values, and beliefs with your Substitute Decision Maker.

Advance care planning means having discussions with family and friends, especially a Substitute Decision Maker – the person who will speak for you when you cannot. These conversations are about values, beliefs and wishes that help guide care when you are incapable of speaking for yourself.  These decisions include consent for tests, treatments including life-sustaining treatments (intubation, dialysis, feeding tubes), admission or discharge from a medical/LTC facility, if in facility and change in status, transport to ER?, withdrawal of life-sustaining treatments such as dialysis, respirator, resuscitation directive.

In a time of crisis, you cannot speak for yourself; these conversations are a gift to make sure your voice is heard.

Why plan for your care?

Because life can take many twists and turns.


One day, without any warning, you find yourself in a hospital with a life-threatening illness. You are unable to speak for yourself – you do not recognize your family or friends. If time were limited, what would be most important for you? A.C.P. is an ongoing conversation that you have with the person who will represent you if you are unable to speak for yourself. It is a way to give your loved ones the confidence to make decisions during a difficult time. It is how we care for each other.

Who do you want to make decisions for you? Does that person know what you consider quality of life?

The choices you make about care – for yourself and others – are important!

Make sure that your voice is heard.

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Please enjoy the following video courteous of Speak up Canada

Advance care planning is for everyone! In this short video, we see a conversation between Walter Gretzky, his daughter Kim, and grandson Nathan. Walter talks of his experience with ACP.  He discusses how it helped his family understand his wishes and values. His family calls on us all to give it a shot and start conversations about our wishes with our loved ones.