Introducing Dr. Bill Webster

Dr. Bill Webster is the founder and Executive Director of the Centre for the Grief Journey. Widowed in 1983, Bill struggled to come to terms with his own loss, as well as the task of bringing up his two sons, who were 9 and 7 when their mother died.

After graduating from the University of Toronto with his doctorate in 1990, Bill began facilitating grief support programs in numerous communities.

Dr. Bill also conducts many professional seminars and educational programs on the topics of grief and loss both in North America and in Britain.

He has authored numerous books, including “Understanding Bereavement”; “Lost for Words”; “When Someone You Care About Dies”; “Why Me?”; and “Help Me … If You Can: Coping with Life Threatening Situations.” He has produced several DVD series including “From Mourning to Dawn”; “Grief Matters;” and more recently “When Life Changes.”

Dr. Bill also has a very innovative website at and brings grief support to a new generation on Facebook and Twitter.

Dr. Webster is a member of the Association for Death Education and Grief Counselling, and has been awarded their prestigious Fellow in Thanatology from University of Illinois in recognition of his work and his lifetime contribution to the field of grief counseling.

In 2019, Dr. Bill was awarded the celebrated British Citizen’s Medal in a ceremony at the Palace of Westminster in London, England in recognition of the work he has done over 25 years in helping local communities organize and facilitate local community grief support programmes in the UK.

Dr. Webster brings a unique blend of personal experience, academic education and many years of practical application to his work.  Acknowledged as a dynamic, personable and practical speaker, Dr. Webster combines his own story with his knowledge and sense of humor to effectively communicate his message.

Bill is married to Johanna and they live in Mississauga, Ontario, and he is the proud grandfather of three granddaughters, Elowyn, Ivy and Skyler, and one grandson, Owen William.